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This is a port of ScummVM v0.5.1 for the Tapwave Zodiac, which is an interpreter for playing those classic Lucasarts Games such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc.

The sound files '.SOU', compressed sound files ‘.SO3’ and music tracks ‘.MP3’ all work and should be installed into the same directory as the game.

Full instructions for installing and using are included with the ZIP file.

The following games are not currently supported in ZodSCUMM:

  • The Dig (crashes during game) , Full Throttle
  • Simon the Sorceror (unknown memory problems)
  • Beneath a Steel Sky (unknown memory problems)
  • Monkey Island 3
I haven't tested all the games so don't know which others do not work properly, but the major SCUMM titles appear to work fine.

This version has no connection to the official PalmOS ScummVM version. This version is based on the GP32 and SDL ports and is a 100% ARM (TNA) application, enhanced for the Zodiac Tapwave.


Version 1.2 was released on 08/04/2006 and added MP3 (MAD) support, (i.e. '.SO3' voice and '.MP3' track files)

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Official ScummVM Homepage ScummVM Homepage



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