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This is a NEOGEO MVS emulator based on MAME v0.36. It uses its own memory manager for handling large games so that UDMH is not required.

The Cyclone 68000 ASM CPU is used to increase performance substantially for many games but for some games it has been disabled due to incompatibilites.
ZodNEO is also optimised extensively for the Zodiac's ATI graphics chip.

ZodNEO is a spin off of ZodMAME and was split so that memory can be managed differently (hence no need for UDMH), plus other parts of the drivers could be optimised directly for NEOGEO games. 


Simply Hotsync the ZodNEO-Installer.prc file and this will automatically install the program, make sure your SD card is inserted into Slot1 before doing this.

You'll need the following directory structure on the SD card:

Put your 0.36 version NEOGEO ROMS (zipped) into the roms directory on the SD card. They must be 0.36. Don't forget to put the NEOGEO.ZIP BIOS file in there or none of the games will work. You can use clrmamepro (or RomCenter) to create 0.36 roms from the latest versions of MAME. This isn't easy as the NEOGEO ROM structure was changed in MAME 0.80.


Version 1.2 was released 23/05/2006:

  • Fixes for Zodiac 1 memory usage
  • More games have disabled Cyclone core

Version 1.1 was released 13/05/2006:

  • Uses Cyclone ARM 68000 core in many games
  • Memory manager can now handle much larger games
  • Added better 16bit colour support, not perfect but most games work well.
  • Some performance improvements to graphics drawing code
  • Fixed bug which didn't fully deallocate Feature Memory
  • Underclock the MAME CPUs a bit more to extract faster performance.
  • Reduced sound sample rate to increase performance.

Version 1.0 was released 05/05/2006




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