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TapwaveThis is a collection of software I have written for the Tapwave Zodiac a PDA that is sadly no longer made (Tapwave went out of business in 2005) but in my opinion is still the best PDA out there and still has an active developer community. It's ATI Imageon 2D graphics accelerator makes it particularly good for games.

One of my first pieces of software for PalmOS was CliFrotz (an Interactive Fiction Interpreter). This is not specifically for the Tapwave but also runs on other PalmOS PDAs.

The following emulator programs fare optimised for the Tapwave and only run on that device:

  • ZodMAME - MAME (Machine Arcarde Emulator)
  • ZodNEO - NEOGEO Emulator
  • ZodSCUMM - SCUMMVM Interpreter
  • ZSpectrum - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator

These make extensive use of the Tapwave's excellent 2D accelerator graphics chip and the 100% pure ARM TNA environment.

Simon Quinn (aka Fangorn)

All these programs are freeware and are done in my spare time. Donations (however small) are welcome and encourage me to keep developing.



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